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Are Your Personal Devices, in Danger?

Checklist for Securing Your Personal Devices

✔ Passwords

- Create a different password for your Tufts account and don’t save in any web browser

- Change it immediately, if you think your Tufts password may have been compromised (

- Use a Password Manager app (

✔ Screen Savers

- Activate automatic screen savers and set for 10-minutes or less

✔ Tufts Secure Wireless

- Only use the Tufts_Secure network for WiFi

✔ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- Use Tufts VPN for secure off campus access to Tufts services.

✔ Anti-virus

- Install anti-virus software, and enable automatic scans

✔ Auto-updates

- Set Operating System, web browsers and key applications to auto-update and restart your device daily

✔ Back-up

- Back-up your data in a location off of your device. You can use Tufts Box. (
Need Help! Call 617-627-3376 for the TTS Service Desk or email or stop by one of the Walk-in Service Desks (