Tufts University
Tue Jan 8, 2019 on Facebook
Is the United States facing a crisis regarding the U.S.-Mexico border? Tufts’ John Cerone, visiting professor of International Law at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, will answer your questions about President Trump’s Tuesday night address in a video that will be posted on Wednesday. Please share your questions below.

During his prime-time speech, Trump asserted that the nation is facing a “humanitarian and security crisis” and appealed to Democrats in Congress to pass a spending bill that includes billions of dollars to fund the wall.

“All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration,” Trump said during his first address from the Oval Office, which took place amid an ongoing partial government shutdown. “This is a humanitarian crisis. A crisis of the heart, and a crisis of the soul,” said Trump, who will visit the southern border on Thursday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebutted Trump’s remarks in a televised broadcast immediately following the president’s address, strongly opposing the wall.

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