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24/7 Support Resources

24/7 Support Resources

Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency

If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, call TUPD. Appropriate emergency crews will be dispatched immediately. Available 24/7.

Mental Health

If you or a friend are experiencing a mental health emergency such as thoughts of suicide, an impulse to hurt yourself, severe mental confusion or disorientation, extreme panic, or inability to care for yourself, get in touch with a professional counselor right away. There is a counselor available 24/7 who can talk with you to assess the situation and offer crisis intervention.

Physical Health

If you have a medical emergency that requires immediate evaluation, call TUPD so that EMTs can be sent to your location immediately. If you are feeling ill and want to consult with a medical provider for a non-emergency, the Health Service offers 24/7 consultations with a nurse.