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Creating Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign

00:00 Introduction 01:07 Characteristics of Accessible PDFs 02:32 Metadata Title 03:00 PDF Tags 04:40 Map InDesign Styles to PDF Export Tags 06:24 Set the Reading Order in the Articles Pane 09:11 Add a Table of Contents and Bookmarks 10:04 Define a Header Row for Tables 10:36 Use Built-in Bulleted and Numbered Lists 11:16 Add Alternative Text to Images 12:02 Mark Decorative Graphics as Artifacts 12:53 Export Settings 15:20 ResourcesResources mentioned in the video: Digital Accessibility: Color Contrast Accessibility: Evaluating and Repairing PDFs InDesign: Creating Accessible PDFs Users can download Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign (.docx) handout on

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