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Tufts Brighter World Campaign Celebration

We celebrate all that the Tufts community has achieved together, thanks to visionary leadership, generous philanthropy, and enthusiastic volunteerism.In 2017, Tufts University launched the Brighter World campaign, with the ambitious goal of raising $1.5 billion to augment teaching and research, create transformational experiences for students, and advance the university’s proficiency in generating brilliant ideas and translating them into practical solutions for global problems.Brighter World concluded in June 2023, with more than $1.5 billion raised from 132,000+ generous donors. Through their support, the university has made tremendous strides in the critical areas of financial aid, research and innovation, and living and learning spaces on all of our campuses.This success would not have been possible without the collective efforts of the university’s largest-ever cohort of volunteers, whose enthusiasm, outreach, and dedication drove the campaign to victory.Thank you to everyone who participated in Brighter World—you’ve made a world of difference!For more, visit: by Jandro Cisneros Filming by Jandro Cisneros, Jenna Schad, and Alonso Nichols Production by UCM Staff